About Us


Intimate Theatre Productions (ITP) is a small Musical Theatre Company, currently based in Vancouver, BC. We are dedicated to producing professional theatre with small casts. The purpose for this is so the shows can remain intimate. With one actor per musical part, the harmonies are more distinct; the shows can be performed on a smaller stage and the quiet and intimate moments can stay as such.

Our company’s aim is to bring high creative standards and strong production values to small-cast musical theatre pieces, combining come of Canada’s finest professional musical theatre artists with new and exciting musical theatre talent. ITP is named for it’s mandate; to produce and perform small cast musicals in an intimate setting.


The idea behind ITP was formed by actor Aaron Lau in February of 2008 following an after rehearsal chat with the late Lloyd Nicholson. Mr. Nicholson had mentioned how he noticed a number of great musical theatre pieces for small casts, and the lack of companies interested in producing them. After the passing of Mr. Nicholson, the company was formed piece by piece in his honour.

The company’s history so far of I Love You Because and The Girl in the Frame was a taste of what we hope to bring annually to Vancouver audiences and could not be more excited to move into our 3rd year as a not-for-profit theatrical society.